If you have any questions other than what is below please feel to contact us. We're here to help.

How are the Quality of your beds?- When you purchase a bed from The Bunkbed Barn you get the best quality there is Bar-None! Since we build the beds ourselves (NOT an assembly line in a big factory) we control the construction of your new bed. From start to finish, (lumber selection, planing, routing, sanding, stain & finishing, and finally assembly) every step taken is done with professional care. We have 100% customer satisfaction and aim to keep it that way!!!



Are the beds sturdy enough for adults?- We can not emphasize it enough. The best reason to purchase one of our beds is that they are HEAVY DUTY. Sure you can find sturdy beds out there but they cost a lot more than ours do. Yes you can find beds within our price range but those beds WILL NOT be nearly as strong. We out rank our competition by using thicker lumber, top grade professional hardware and a design model that has been fine tuned to be second to none.


Are your beds under warranty?- The Bunkbed Barn GUARANTEES it's beds for LIFE!!! If anything goes wrong or breaks because of a defect in material or craftsmanship we will fix or replace it FREE of charge. Sorry, damage due to outright abuse is not covered but most damage can be fixed for a nominal fee.


Are your beds safe?- The Bunkbed Barn strives to build each and every bed we sell as safe as possible. The design has been around for decades and was in compliance with the safety regulations well before they were mandatory. Each bed complies with the safety requirements governed by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission as well as the new regulations set by the U.S Consumer Products Safety Act of 2008. We go above and beyond these regulations to insure the safety of your children or whom ever may be on or around your bunk bed.


Can I see a model bed to help me with my purchase decision?- Absolutely!!! Just contact us for an appointment. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your schedule.


How many choices are there?- Your new bed is built to order so we can do many things other companies can not. We can build it shorter, taller, longer and wider. We have Twin beds, Standard bunks, Stackable bunks, Twin over Full bunks, Full over Queen bunks and everything in between. Shop online or at your nearest Dept. store and you can find a bunk bed in any color you like as long as you like maple, pine or walnut. We have 20 different stains to pick from. Choose an additional Trundle bed or Storage Drawer, maybe dog-eared corner posts or tapered guard rails. The possibilities are literally endless, and at a price that won't leave your wallet empty.


How do I order a bed?- All ordering is done in person, by phone, text and Email. Preferably in person. We like our customers to receive a one on one experience so everything can be explained in detail and all questions can be answered. We want to make sure your order is done right and you the customer are 110% happy with your purchase. A small 25% deposit is required with balance due upon pick-up or delivery. To make an appointment or just ask questions call or text at (586) 460-8775, Email at rayberry@thebunkbedbarn.com. Can't wait to here from you!!


How long does it take to get my bed?- It takes up to 3 days to build a Top Quality Bunk Bed and generally we don't like our customers to wait more than a week or two to receive their bed. That's pretty darn good for "custom made to order" furniture. But as the saying goes "Do it right or don't do it at all". Our main goal is to provide a HIGH QUALITY bed. That means NO short cuts. The quality of each customers order is first and foremost. Volume of orders vary and that means completion times also vary. So to get a true estimate just give us a call. We will do all we can to meet any deadline you may have.


Do you Deliver?- Generally, we do not deliver. But we also understand that not all our customers have the means to pick up their Awsome New Bunk Bed. If it needs to be done we will get it done. At a nominal fee for time and travel of course. Delivery charges depend upon the destination.


Are they easy to assemble?- It's quite easy! We give you easy instruction on how to do it. You will find it simple and straight forward. There are just 32 bolts and 12 screws on a standard bunk bed. Everything else is pre-assembled for quality control.


What are the payment methods?- We except cash and check. We also accept all major credit cards for a nominal fee (usually 3%). A 25% deposit is required for all bed purchases.