Below are descriptions of the beautiful bunk beds we build at the Bunkbed Barn.

~Essentially there are 2 different models to choose from at the Bunkbed Barn. The Viking model and the Paul Bunyan model. Both are Heavy Duty, Extremely Tough and well exceed government safety standards. The differences between the two, simply put, are that a Viking Bunk Bed Is built using primarily 2 x 4's with the exception of the corner posts that are 2 x 6's. The Paul Bunyan is built completely using 2 x 6's with the exception of the guard rails on the top of the Bunk Bed.


~Certain bunk beds can only be built in the Paul Bunyan configuration, the Twin/Full for example (below), because of the strength needed that only 2 x 6's can achieve.


~Every Bunk Bed we construct, with the exception of a loft bed, can be built into a stackable Bunk Bed (for a nominal cost) so you can turn them into separate beds if need be.


~The dimensions of the beds are 64 1/2" High; 81" long and 42" wide. Although most beds can be built to be longer, shorter, taller or wider at customer request.


~Every bed has six "ladder rungs" on each end of the bed making it easy to climb up into even if the bed is against a wall or in a corner.

The Standard Bunk Bed: This is the most common type bunk bed. One twin bed on top of the other. This photo is an example of a Viking model - Notice all the bed rails and ladder rungs are 2 x 4's compared to the following photo which is a Paul Bunyan built with 2 x 6's.

The Stackable Bunk Bed: Different from a standard bed, this Bunk Bed can be taken apart to make two separate beds and reassembled if needed. This photo is of a Paul Bunyan Full over Full stackable with a Storage Drawer. A beautiful bed.

The Twin/Full (Pictured with a Twin/Queen below it): Part of the Paul Bunyan line this bed is the lit' brother of the bigger Full/Full, Full/Queen and Queen/Queen bunk beds that The Bunkbed Barn builds. They can all be made into stackables if you so choose.

The Loft Bed: Available in both the Viking {top photo}and Paul Bunyan models a Loft bed is essentially a bed on stilts. Loft beds are GREAT space savers. Ideal for small rooms, dorm rooms, or for someone who would like a computer or study area under their bed. Loft Beds can be made taller, shorter and even longer. We also have Full Lofts and Queen Lofts.

The L-Shape: Available in both the Viking and Paul Bunyan Models the L-Shape can be built in any combination of twin, full or queen on top or bottom They have a Great look and have extra space for a dresser, desk or bookshelf. Pictured is a Paul Bunyan Twin/Twin and just below it a Custom Twin/Queen.

Triple Bunk Beds: The Bunkbed Barn also builds specialty beds like the Triple L-Shape and the Tall Triple Stackable Bunk Bed (pictured here). We have you covered with whatever you need at The Bunkbed Barn. Questions: Give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

Captains Bed: This bed is essentially a twin bed with a storage drawer or trundle bed underneath. It's a great space saver and a good alternative if a bunk bed is not what your looking for.