Make your bunk bed truly unique and functional with these helpful options!

~Two of the most popular options are the Tapered Guard Rails and the Dog-Eared Corner Posts. They add a nice touch to an already Beautiful bed

Storage Drawer

~These HUGE storage drawers are a full 42" deep, not the normal 12" to 18" and is our best selling option. 

~Built on Heavy Duty casters as opposed to drawer slides they will hold a lot more weight

and can be moved anywhere in the room.

~Can also be used as an extra bed if need be.

~Helps with cleaning too. There's less chance of dust when there isn't any place for accumulation.

Trundle Bed 


~This option (built with 2"x 6"s instead of 2" x 10"s like on the Storage Drawer) is a bed on wheels that provides an extra bed that easily slides underneath any individual or bunk bed as pictured. It uses a standard trundle mattress (6" shorter) or we can stretch the length of your bed to fit a standard twin mattress.

~It is built on HEAVY DUTY casters and can be moved anywhere in a room.

~Can be used for extra storage as a BIG storage drawer.

Bunkie Boards

~A Bunkie Board is the item used to support the mattress instead of a box spring. Some beds use slats under the mattress, but slats occasionally break, they ruin mattresses and do not meet the safety standards we put into our beds.

~The Bunkie Boards we suggest using are made of furniture grade 3/4" MDF that is super strong, affordable and paper smooth so it won't ruin your mattress.

~Cut to order: No need to search the web any further. We have you covered! And with the best prices around.

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